Plant nursery

To answer the technical needs of plant nursing, SERRES JRC developped a broad range of greenhouses ranging from tunnels to multispans.We can offer several solutions to store your trees during the winter, lessen the solar radiation for sensitive plants and decrease temperatures during the summer.

Our structures are approved by the current greenhouse standard NF EN 13031-1. For each project, we adapt the structure of your greenhouse to the local climatic load (wind and snow).


Multichapelle 11.60m Atlantique

The MULTISPAN ATLANTIQUE 11.60m greenhouse was created upon request of certain producers looking for a big shelter which could both have a great air volume for an excellent sanitary condition of the crops and a great width for storage.

This structure of large scope is built with our Oval Tube TO95 High Resistance and is equiped with a JRC aluminium gutter.

The openings of the roofing, ideally located on the ridge (highest point) of the structure allow an effective aeration of the greenhouse.

The lateral vents and the gable finish will be subject to custom studies.


Multichapelle 9.60m Atlantique 4

The MULTISPAN ATLANTIQUE 9,60m benefits of a great height under each gutter. This allows for easy access of agricultural machinery, excellent brightness and a good development of the crops. This model is particularly appreciated for containers, big crops and to hibernate the plants.

This multispan is designed with an aluminium beam gutter (see JRC Innovations) for increased brightness, greater ease of assembly and no corrosion.

The inner columns are spaced by up to 6 meter for increased brightness and easier tillage.

AIR + OPENING : An opening positionned at the highest point of each span (ridge), with the possibility of closing and opening of vegetable cultures needing an optimal aeration.

For crops that need heating, it is possible to install a double poly roof covering.


Tunnel pieds droits 7.80m 2

Our STRAIGHT-SIDED GARDENING TUNNELS exist with widths of 6m, 7.80m, 9.60m and 12m. They can be coupled to realize bi-tunnels or more.

The straight-sided tunnel greenhouses for gardening are popular for their ease of assembly and their working comfort.

Their use is diversified: young shoots, containers, wintering.

Every kind of side vents can be installed, motorised or not, with or without windbreak or anti insect nets.



Bi tunnel 2x9.60m Atlantique 3

The BI-TUNNEL ATLANTIQUE 9,60m is essential for the producers of diversified crops looking for an area of 800m² to 3000m².

Its best assets are the quality of the ventilation, due to very high side vents, excellent brightness due to the low obstruction of the aluminium beam gutter, a competitive cost.

This BI-TUNNEL 9,60m greenhouse alows the production of a broad range of vegetables, from tomatoes to salad. The structure is adapted to have suspended cultures for the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and soilless strawberries.

The aluminium beam gutter offers great strength, excellent brightness, and allows beam spacing up to 6 meters. This aliminium gutter is particularly appreciated by costuments exposed to salt air near the seaside.

This product is now available with our High Resistance Oval Tube TO95 JRC!


Multichapelle 9.60m Baltique 11

The Multispan 9.60m BALTIQUE is one of the flagships of the JRC range. Its climatic qualities, strength, ease of assembly and its good cost positionnement make it a very appreciated shelter by market gardeners. This model is used to cover the greater greenhouse surfaces in France.

The need for storage of trees and shrubs becoming more and more substantial, this model answers the request from producers who want to shelter great surfaces of nursery with a limited investment.

The structure of this big plastic covered shelter is made of our Oval Tube TO95 High Resistance (see JRC Innovations) for greater strength, more brightness and faster assembly.



Tunnel 9.30m 4

Its advantages are: ease of assembly, strength and its competitiveness.

It can be delivered with different kinds of plastic films, depending on your crop requirements.


Tunnel pieds droits 9.60m Adriatique 3

The range of ADRIATIQUE tunnels is made of our Oval Tube TO95. The Oval Tube TO95 High Resistance allows us to build very strong and easy to assemble greenhouses.

Its main advantages are:

- the brightness allowing the optimization of the growth of your crops

- a big volume of air and high lateral vents, which allow for healthy crops

- assembly can be done by the costumer

This tunnels are approved by the applicable greenhouse standard [NF EN 13031-1]