The BI-TUNNEL ATLANTIQUE 9,60m is essential for the producers of diversified crops looking for an area of 800m² to 3000m².

Its best assets are the quality of the ventilation, due to very high side vents, excellent brightness due to the low obstruction of the aluminium beam gutter, a competitive cost.

This BI-TUNNEL 9,60m greenhouse alows the production of a broad range of vegetables, from tomatoes to salad. The structure is adapted to have suspended cultures for the production of tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants and soilless strawberries.

The aluminium beam gutter offers great strength, excellent brightness, and allows beam spacing up to 6 meters. This aliminium gutter is particularly appreciated by costuments exposed to salt air near the seaside.

This bi-tunnel model is also very appreciated by algae and spirulina producers for its excellent brightness and its aluminium gutter (no corrosion).

The large volume of air attenuates the big fluctuations of temperature between night and day (great thermal inertia) and the excess of humidity which contributes in decreasing the use of phytosanitary products.

In order to increase the duration of the plastic films, this greenhouse can be equipped with a JRC long lasting film.

This product is now available with our High Resistance Oval Tube TO95 JRC!

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