The Baltique range is expanding!

Baltique 8m pignon

Our Baltique range is expanding with the arrival of a new product with a width of 8 meters, particularly suitable for the culture of raspberries and strawberries.

Expansion of the Atlantique range


The Atlantique range, usually made of 60mm diameter tubes, is now also available with our High Resistance Oval Tube TO95 JRC, which gives it better mechanical properties for an even more efficient product.

JRC shelters


Take a look at our JRC shelters rubric to read more about our new storage tunnels that can hold fodder, straw, agricultural equipment,... made of our TO95 high resistance tube, a JRC innovation.

Lily of the valley picking season


In anticipation of the picking season of the Lily of the Valley, the large JRC plastic shelters allow professionals to optimize working time and workers to work sheltered from the weather. It is a french tradition to offer these flowers on the 1st of May, so it is very important for horticulturists that the picking season goes as smooth as possible.

You can read this Ouest-France article to read more (in French)

Salon du Végétal 2015


Plant nursers and horticulturists, do not hesitate in consulting our horticulture and plant nursery rubric during the period of the Salon du Végétal which takes place in Angers from the 17 to the 19 of February

JRC is constructing a new building


To increase the area of our workshop, we just started the construction of a new building.

The new website of SERRES JRC is now on-line!


Visit our new website and discover the latest JRC innovations!